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Thanks to Air Force support, CAP has special funding available to cover encampment fees and uniforms with an emphasis on serving economically disadvantaged cadets through the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program or CEAP (say, "seep"). An inability to afford encampment should not hold back cadets who want to participate in encampment. Read on to learn more . . . .

Financial Eligibility. Assistance is targeted towards families who cannot easily afford encampment. Priority is given to families enrolled in federal programs (Snap, WIC, Title I, SSDI disability, etc.) but other families self-identifying a financial need are welcome to apply, including families with two or more cadets in CAP, recently unemployed, or those experiencing other financial challenges.  

First-Year & Returnees. Priority is given to first-time encampment attendees, but graduates wanting to attend a second or third encampment are welcome to apply.

What assistance is available?

Cadets and their families may apply for assistance with encampment fees, uniforms, or both. 

Tuition. Encampment fee assistance will cover 100% of the tuition fees and will be paid directly to the hosting wing. 

Uniforms. Uniform assistance is provided in the form of vouchers that may be used for specific uniform items at Vanguard. The  voucher may be for $75 or $125, depending on the priority level of the cadet.

How do I apply?

Visit the "Cadet Encampment Assistance Program" module after logging in to eServices, and follow the on-screen instructions to apply for CEAP. However, you will also need to apply for encampment itself, if you haven't already. Click here for a more detailed walk-through of the application process.


March 1             CEAP applications open for spring and summer encampments.

November 1      CEAP applications open for winter encampments.

Applications close 30 days before the start of encampment. Assistance is prioritized by need, first-timer status, and date of application, so don't wait to apply.

What happens after I apply?

You'll receive an email confirmation from National Headquarters. Your squadron commander will endorse your application and you'll receive another email confirmation when that happens. You will hear back from NHQ regarding your status within 10 days of the commander's approval. If granted assistance with encampment fees, NHQ will send those funds directly to the encampment on your behalf. If granted assistance for uniforms, Vanguard will email you a voucher with a link to purchase BDUs, Blues, and insignia. Once ordered, your items will arrive in the mail.


Other FAQs

I already paid for encampment, is it too late for me to participate?

No. Please apply for the program. If you are accepted the wing will reimburse encampment fees after graduation.

My wing isn't having a summer encampment, or it's already full, what can I do?

If you can't attend your local wing's encampment, check out the upcoming encampments on the encampment home page and think about applying for an encampment in a nearby state. Carpooling may be available.

Can I receive assistance to go back to encampment for advanced training or on staff?

Cadets are welcome to apply for assistance to return to encampment, but should be aware that they will be placed on a wait list and the acceptance rate for returning cadets is low. Applications for cadets returning to encampment will be processed after all first-time applicants have been served. Cadets may wish to investigate other financial assistance options such as squadron, group, wing, or region scholarships.  


Point of Contact

For Staff

Squadron Commanders, DCPs, Encampment Commanders and Finance Officers - learn more about CEAP management here.

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