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Winter CTS a Success!

The Winter Cadet Training School of 2019 was held on 16-17 March, 2019 in Bellefonte, PA at the U.S. Army Reserve Center. Civil Air Patrol cadets who attended acquired useful knowledge and experience for their cadet careers and had the opportunity to interact with cadets from across the Wing.

2019 Winter CTS was a combination of three cadet training programs, the first being the Basic Cadet Orientation Program (BCOP), which was geared towards new CAP cadets. The second course was the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA), which was designed to bridge the gap between Basic Encampment and the PA Wing summer Leadership Development Course (LDC). The final and newest course offered was entitled the Junior Officer Training Course (JOTC). This course, which focuses on executive-level leadership at the squadron level, is intended to fill the training gap between LDC and Regional Cadet Leadership School (RCLS).

Annually, this Winter Cadet Training School offers a great learning environment for cadets to develop, learn and progress in their Civil Air Patrol cadet journeys. It is also a great place for the cadets and senior members to gain leadership experiences outside their respective home squadrons.

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