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Staff Training Weekend (STW) Prepares Cadre for Summer Cadet Training Schools

Many of the area's top cadets including members from PA, NJ, and MD have trained to staff the Summer Cadet Training Schools (CTS). The Staff Training Weekend (STW), which transpired on 27-28 April, was an opportunity for the cadet staff members to meet with their teams, train with echelon staff, and to prepare for the upcoming Summer CTS.

More than a place to socialize, the cadet staff reviewed their drill, furthered their knowledge with presentations, and tested out new features of the upcoming CTS. Some of the presentations included Leadership by Lt Col Brian Cuce, scheduling by Capt Allison Irwin and Public Affairs by 1st Lt Rusana Kasriel. A new activity at this year’s CTS will be daily capture-the-flag skirmishes, squadron versus squadron. The cadet staff tested the activity this weekend and most loved it.

The public affairs team have also put together two videos to be released at a later date. One is a “hype video” intended to get cadets excited about the upcoming CTS, and the other is on sign-in procedures which will be shown to incoming basic cadets to standardize the process.

The cadet and senior staff will convene again on 15 June just before CTS starts to finalize preparations and to complete Required Staff Training (RST).

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