Welcome to the Pre-Arrival Staff Training page!
This page will be your "one-stop-shop" to meet the minimum requirements for being on staff.
** All training requirements should be completed NLT 1 week prior to CTS arrival.**




1) RISK MANAGEMENT BASIC & INTERMEDIATE COURSE COMPLETION - Risk is inherent in all activities, to include our Cadet Training Schools.  These two modules teach our staff ways to analyze and manage risk.  ALL CTS staff members are required to complete both of these modules.

Basic Risk Management:

Intermediate Risk Management:

2) CADET PROTECTION BASIC - All Staff members 18 years and older (seniors AND cadets) are required to complete Cadet Protection Basic course (online portion AND summary conversation).  General information can be found at:

Links to complete each course can be found at:

Cadets 18 or older during CTS -


3) BASIC INSTRUCTOR COURSE (BIC) QUALIFIED - This course teaches the fundamentals of being an instructor.  The training is available online:

This course is required by ALL CTS staff members because any staff member may be called upon to instruct a course.  BIC teaches the fundamentals needed for instruction.


4) REVIEW THE CADET PROTECTION POLICY ON HAZING - The Cadet Training Schools (in particular: Encampment & Leadership Development Course) practices Level 1 Training - Military Skills Instruction.  Senior members must be aware of the examples of training that does and does not constitute hazing.  Review Part 2 of CAPP 60-15, available online:

Because all senior members will be in proximity of Encampment students while at CTS, all senior members are required to read and understand this portion of CAPP 60-15.

5) CIVIL AIR PATROL DRLL AND CEREMONIES (D&C) MANUAL (CAPM 36-2203) FAMILIARIZATION - This manual implements specific guidance for CAP regarding drill and ceremonies. It includes the content of and expands on Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies, to provide further guidance and procedures for use by CAP airmen in CAP venues.  This manual is available online at:

Mastering the information in Chapters 1-4 is recommended for all Encampment TAC Officers and required for LDC Flight Training Officers (FTOs) and Senior Echelon Staff.

6) PA WING CHILD CLEARANCE COMPLETION - ALL CTS staff members 18 years and older during CTS are required to be in compliance with the Pennsylvania State Child Clearances.  Specific information on compliance as a resident or non-resident of PA is available at:

7) COMPLETE "TRAINING LEADERS OF CADETS BASIC" (TLC Basic) - This in-person, 1-day professional CAP training course is required for all Senior Members who primarily interact with cadets. The Encampment Training Area Coordinater (TAC) Officer and the LDC Flight Training Officer (FTO) are primary supervisors of cadets.  They are required to complete the TLC course.  If you have not completed this course, you may request to attend the TLC Basic course hosted by the PA Wing on the day of Staff Arrival for Summer CTS.  Please contact the PAWG Director of Cadet Programs, Maj Brandon Weber for more info (


8) CADET PROTECTION ADVANCED - TAC Officers for Encampment, Flight Training Officers (FTOs) for LDC and Senior Echelon Staff are required to have completed the Cadet Protection Advanced course.  This is primarily because these senior members have the greatest interaction with cadets undergoing Level 1 Training (see Item 7 below for this definition).  As a result, these seniors need to be experts in the Cadet Protection policy.  This course can be found at:

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